A few things you should see at TLB, from here to Out There.

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Practice , Program, Practice. At least in the "Testbed" I have ALL the chances to make this sound right. From here to LIVE STAGE PERFORMANCE, or SOUNDTRACK for a FILM, or just jamming with the computers.


Here is a good result, STAGE PERFORMANCE, from the classic fine arts, to the contempoary hits, IT IS ALL FOR REAL. Talents at their best.


Other workstations using 21" Monitors, GAME MODE for multi player action, in the same room, Cooperative of course, unless we are competing with another room.


The Little Bit is proud to present IMAX in all its awhness! These very special kinds of film are our VIP events here. IMAX 3D, IMAX PSE, one day, IMAX DOME, these are the prefered films that are normally seen on 8 Story tall Screens, to learn more, visit http://www.imax.com (copy link and open in new window)


Whether playing a computer driven program, watching a 3 D Film, live concerts, editing video, using internet to communicate with others, The Little Bit has "MONSTER" (MultiMedia Operational, Network System, Technology Extreme, Revolution) on its side to enthral and captivate the youngest to the oldest of audiances. "I personally Promise you, if you visit here at TLB, you will be inspired, to "Do It Yourself." -Alex


My very first DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) presentation workstation machine. "Pint Size" Dual AMD MP CPU design, 90 Watt peltier thermal cooling, 800 Watt PSU, "home built as well" Made with pride back in 1997. It was the begining of automated home EVERYTHING. "The Little Bit" now has 6 workstations, and a split server. MONSTER controls 2000 Watts of multi Channel Audio, and projects a brilliant image on a 10 Foot special painted canvas. "3D Box", being the newest computer addition back in 2008, controls 3D projection to deliver IN YOUR FACE action. EVERY HOME SHOULD HAVE ONE!!!