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It evolves, it grows, IT ALMOST ATE ME!!!!!



With years of experience, I bring the experience to you.


-- Massive 10 FOOT Screen

-- 2000 Watt, 7 Multi Channel, 42 Speaker System

-- Upcoming Motion Simulation Seats

-- 3D Camera Projection System

-- Gormet Foods and Beverages

-- The Host with the Most, serving you.



From imagination, and desire, becomes the "Mini Home Theater, Ultimate Gaming Machine" that is "MONSTER",

It lives at "The Little Bit".  You can check out some videos on the Youtube Site

(you may have to copy then paste the link in a new window to view, left mouse click)




In any case, hope you like it.



PS: You simply cannot say "I've seen this before", every experience at TLB will be truly original EVERY TIME ...


When visiting, meet some of the Machines, These important parts make up the whole Event of the performance for you.

 It takes many computers and other machines linked together to run MONSTER.


Some of these machines have been around since 1998, Sadly Two have become decommissioned, and One has been recycled in to the current MIDI Synth Machine "PSS Midi Box".

 As Hardware Changes about every 6 Months, the way we present it to you has remained the very same, ENJOYABLE!!!

Thanks for visiting!!!


Upcoming events;



There is always something new for you too experience at THE LITTLE BIT.



Just read what people are saying below this sentence ...



"You have to experience it at least once" -independent film critique folks

"It's amazing how he does it so well" -visiting audience

"Can I have one?" -Baby Cousins

"How much did this thing cost"  -Parents

 "Whoa !!!!" -My Aunt

 "It tried to grab me into the screen" -Grandma

 "I don't want to leave" -All my Friends

"Thats a big screen" - My Uncle

 "I like the Purple 3D Glasses" - # 1

"He's like a mad scientist with a monstrosity of wires going everywhere."- Judge

"What is it about people who take pictures of my Screen?" -Alex

"Every home should have at least one" -Captain AR